Sunday, February 24, 2013

Canning Lids

If you enjoy canning you can also appreciate the frustration that is involved each time you open a jar and know that now you are going to have to purchase another lid to be able to use that same jar in the future, AHHHH!!! I use to have a really difficult time justifying using the food I had put up because I had to then toss that lid, so I went searching... I found the best kept secret! Well actually it was not a secret at all just not many people know about them and they have been around since the '70's!!!!! I was a little nervous since they are plastic lids however after reading all of their reviews and finding out that no one EVER has returned a single lid I decided to try them out. I purchased some and started using them immediately. honestly that is no joke the second my Brown Santa (UPS) rang my bell I litteraly ran to the door got them and dropped all that I was doing for the day so I could start canning! I know you are on the seat of your chair to know what amazing product I had found, so without further ado may I present to you: I have used my Tattler Reusable Lids now in all three methods of storing food that I know: water bath canning, pressure canning, and the Foodsaver. After using them in all three methods I have discovered they work amazingly well (just like the metal lids, if not better because you can reuse them) in the water bath and the pressure canning however they do not work so hot with the Foodsaver method as they do not retain the seal for long periods of time. Remember thought, if you are using the Foodsaver, you can reuse the metal lids as the wax seal on them is not compromised :)

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